Photo & Video

Photographing or taking video of a solar eclipse can be a little more complicated than just point and shoot! Here are some tips if you are hoping to take clear photos or video of the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017.

Quick Tips

  • No auto focus
  • No auto exposure
  • No auto flash
  • Remove the filter!
  • Focus on sunspots (if any)
  • Focus at infinity
  • Exposure: it depends on your goal
  • Click for additional tips

Flash Spectrum: Stills

Use a diffraction grating film
Use a step up and step down ring
Try to take a series of images in quick succession

Camera Filters for Videoing & Viewing

Smartphone tips

MMV Project

(Mathematical Methods of Visualization of the Solar Eclipse)
High Resolution + High Dynamic Range
MMV Project Images Archive

Automation: It's your friend!

(OS X) Solar Eclipse Maestro
(Windows) Eclipse Orchestrator

How To (simple scripting language):
  • Design a schedule
  • Design and test your script
  • TIP: Use a USB GPS Antenna for full automation.


Use filter for partial phase
Choose faster exposure to capture the transition
Increase the exposure to capture different parts of the corona

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